Peaceful Warrior Yoga        

  About the Studio 


Private Yoga Tuition Classes or Yoga Therapy sessions involve 60-90 minutes of personalized Yoga Tuition or Yoga Therapy instruction.   

Private Yoga Tuition Classes: are held at Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio and can be tailored to include 1–3 people. Private yoga classes are a great way to further your own personal practice or to share an exclusive yoga session with your family & friends.
Yoga Therapy Sessions: are also held At Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio, but are designed for strictly 1:1 Sessions to develop a programme designed for your own individual health issues. Yoga Therapy is a complementary therapy that utilises Yoga Poses, Meditation and Lifestyle techniques and tools for a more holistic experience. The Session Fee includes follow up communications. 
I am a trained, certified Yoga Therapist. Please contact me for further details if required.
Price: Private Yoga class:$60 for 60 mins
           Yoga Therapy:  $80 per session (session length 60-90mins)
Payment: Cash, direct debit or EFTPOS available at Studio