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  About the Studio 


Pregnancy Yoga is are specialised prenatal and postnatal yoga classes designed to support women who are 14 weeks pregnant or more, and at least 6-8 weeks post vaginal birth or 12 weeks after C-section

Prenatal Yoga sessions involve pregnancy-specific yoga postures, breathing practices and relaxation exercises that help to develop calm, balance, strength, flexibility and nourish a deeper connection with baby. No previous yoga experience required. Each week can be themed to offer a complete Pregnancy Yoga experience.

Postnatal Yoga sessions are a great way to stretch & strengthen the body while socializing Mum and Baby. It's also a great way to de-stress, tone-up and nourish connections with your Baby and other Mums. Lesson plans are structured to gently strengthen a different section of the Postnatal body each week. It is a fun and supportive Yoga class where Mums are free to attend to their baby's feeding and settling needs at anytime

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga
  • Develop stamina and strength
  • Increase sense of balance
  • Relieve tension of lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Preparation for Labour, Birth and Post Natal
  • Connect with your baby
  • Have a sense of community/sisterhood
  • Breath for relaxation and breath for labour
  • Increase your circulation
  • Nurturing time/Relaxation/Meditation

Instructor: Lynne Watts

When: Private classes max 1-3 Mums / Mums & Bubs

Suitability: Prenatal suitable for mums 14 weeks pregnant or more.
                     Postnatal suitable for mums 6-8 weeks post natural birth or                         12 weeks post c-section up until bub starts active crawling.
Skill Level: All levels
Price: $60/hr for a max class of  3 Mums / Mums & Bubs
Payment: Cash, EFTPOS, Direct Debit, Online
Bookings: Bookings are essential for private classes.