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Yoga - when it's ready

Yoga - one of my favourite sayings is that Yoga will find you when you're ready. I have had students who decided that yoga wasn't for them.....they needed something faster, more energetic, something where they could flow through and give their brain a rest. You know what....that's perfectly ok. You're not ready yet for what you could get out of it. Another of my favourite sayings (which is also a Yoga saying) is that 'nothing worth having happens quickly' - I have paraphrased. So this article I came across by someone who found just that, was enlightening and reassuring. Yoga is sometimes mystical, mysterious and magical even in the way that it works for you. I don't claim to know all of the secrets of Yoga, I just know that it works for me..... have a read in the link below.... it might just explain the mystery a little......

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