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Winter Solstice

Hi All

Well, last week was an unexpected aberration from our Studio Yoga routine.

I was planning on a sequence to celebrate the Winter Solstice, which was the 21st of June in the Southern Hemisphere this year. But life intervened and we missed out. I have missed our community, even if only for a week🙏

So we are catching up this week…..

what does Winter Solstice mean? Well…..PHYSICALLY it is the shortest day of the year.….. when our nights are the longest, and days the shortest, and life is a little more introspective. LITERALLY - in Latin 'Sol' means Sun and 'Sistere' to stand still. It’s the point at which we stand still for a moment, and then turn to begin to return to the lighter days & months.

ENERGETICALLY it’s a point from where we can gather knowledge gained from the closing down and reflection on the quiet, darker moments of the Winter, and make informed decisions for the growth into the future.

It can be quite an invigorating process to go through. So this week in the Studio our movement practice is about opening up after reflection & retreat - moving towards the light. Gathering that information for Meditation.

Perhaps there is something you have reflected on in the long nights. Perhaps something no longer serves you, while you make room for new growth in your future as move further into the light.

Hopefully, see you in the Studio or in the Online Library - access @ ( - in the 50 min section) - for a Retreat & Re-emergence Practice.



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