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Time out- your way

I have just been communicating with one of my Yogis', and as I was talking with her, or texting, I realised that I have been taking time out from being a Yoga Instructor to being the student for a while. And you know's just what I've needed, and I didn't know it (Thank you K for that revelation).

It's allowed me to be fully present in my Yoga Practice and concentrate - no, that's the wrong word - CONNECT - with each breath and movement without the distraction of having to create a smooth experience for others.

I love creating Yoga sequences, and meditations, for my students - and the connection in that space happens in other rewarding ways. These few weeks off have allowed me to connect once again with the Yoga Student within me and enjoy the sensation of not really knowing what's coming next - sort of like the beginner's mind we so often mention in class.

So, I have found my own 'time-out' to re-nourish after the difficult last year (& more to come, I fear). Many thanks to Being Yoga for the chance to re-connect every day. These are my Level 2 teacher trainers from a few years ago.

Perhaps there is a time-out that you didn't know you needed, and can make that change, or temporary change of routine, to make that time-out happen.

Below is a photo of my Puppy in the Yoga space where I become a Yoga student once more. We are all always Yoga Students - always more to know. It's also where I do my home recordings for the Online Yoga & Meditation Library available through private membership on this website.

Yours in Yoga


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