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Updated: Jan 11

This morning I took this photo of my puppy. I thought how perfectly content he looks. If you’ve been following my various posts around the ridges, you might remember my ‘seed’ (or word) for my Home Yoga practice last week was ‘gratefulness’ - and the fact that it’s easy to feel ungrateful when you’re mentally drained.

So I’m continuing this theme, and my seed for this week is ’contentment’ & keeping that in the foreground of my thoughts.

One of the components of the 2nd Limb of Yoga - The Niyamas (of the 8 Limbs of Yoga ) is Santosha- being content with what we have. This takes a lot of practice, because we, as humans, seem to be always looking for the next best thing. And it takes stillness too - for me anyway.

As you move through your week perhaps there is something you can remind yourself to be grateful for, & content with.....

If you're following along with the Online Yoga & Meditation membership on the website, this week's featured practice is titled 'Hello Hips & Hamstrings'. I thought it an appropriate practice to get back into gently stretching and strengthening the body after the Christmas break. There will be a post up in the Community Forum about the practice by tomorrow, however, it is available now in the Yoga & Meditation Library - let me know how you go. Sign up for the private membership can be accessed here.

Have a lovely week



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