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As the closure of the physical space PWY Studio moves closer I am having to draw on my Guiding & Teaching Meditation principles to begin to let go of my life’s passion for the last 6 years. Something I felt was my Dharma (my life’s purpose, in some interpretations).

I’ve found myself drawing on the ‘7 Foundations of Mindfulness’ (explanation in the link below) to bring clarity to developments at this time. This has provided me with some understanding & peace with what has unfolded.

I understand my Dharma still flows as I find other ways of supporting others in their pathway to Yoga, or whatever it is that brings peace & acceptance for you.

We move forward & change - the only constant.

For our last class in the Peaceful Warrior Yoga physical space I will be offering a Restorative Yoga Practice, contemplating on the ‘7 Foundations of Mindfulness’, and how they have allowed me to accept with peace letting go. Perhaps they can do the same for you.

PWY will continue Online through this website, and also offering Private Yoga Therapy sessions if needed.

Enjoy this link explaining the Foundations of Mindfulness- so enlightening & calming.


Lynne 🙏

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