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'How to use the Wix App' information session...

Hi All

Just a quick housekeeping post......

Most of you have worked out how to use the PWY Wix App for the new booking system - congratulations!

However, if you are still a bit confused about how it all works that all good.

I will try and organise a little teaching lesson about using the App (& website), booking & paying for classes etc. Due to COVID, it is preferable (& necessary) that my bookings, etc. are digitised and traceable online.

We are all learning all the time....esp. this last year :)

I will probably put up a little post closer to the Studio opening regarding a free in-person information session at the Studio. It will be a very informal discussion for anyone who has questions about the website and booking process.

Thank you to all of you for being patient and resilient in the change over from the old website to this one. It will hopefully lead to a more interactive and community-minded website for us all with everything we need in one place (i.e. on the website)


Until next post.

***Please keep all comments kind & respectful***

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