Peaceful Warrior Yoga        

  About the Studio 


Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio is a small Yoga Studio located in the picturesque hills of rural Prenzlau, on the eastern border of the Lockyer Valley, Queensland. Featuring vast restful, rural views from the picture windows of the studio, you're assured a calming, peaceful & energizing Yoga practice to leave you feeling refreshed. With a range of services on offer, Peaceful Warrior Yoga is sure to have something to suit you. 

Recent expansions to the Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio allows accommodation for up to 16 students. The spirituality of Yoga is an important part of Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio's philosophy and our practice incorporates an individualised approach and guided relaxation/meditations in all classes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the studio - Namaste

Studio FAQ's

Do I have to book for classes?

Bookings preferred for all classes as numbers are limited. Bookings can be made online. Casual drop ins will be accommodated to the best of our ability depending on available space, however spaces are limited to it is best to book ahead.

How do I pay?
Peaceful Warrior Yoga accepts cash or EFTPOS payments at the studio, via direct debit or Online . Payments must be made before your class begins.

Are men welcome at Peaceful Warrior Yoga?

Yes! All genders welcome, and men are encouraged to join and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

What do I need to bring? 
A positive attitude. All yoga mats and props are provided in the studio. Towel for mat to prevent slipping if you're prone to sweaty feet. Bottle of water is a good idea, but If you forget, you can buy them at the studio for $2.

What should I wear to class?
Comfortable clothes and a smile (jumper & socks in cooler months). No shoes required.

Is there parking available?
Plenty of parking available in front of the studio. Please attempt to park in an organised manner to allow for easy exit.
Class Conduct
Before your class begins:
Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts to sign-in, New students are advised to arrive 10 mins beforehand to be shown around. Please inform the teacher before the start of every class of any general health or personal issues that may impact on your ability to participate in the class (including if you think you may be pregnant).

Entering the Class:
Switch off all mobile devices and remove your shoes before entering the yoga room. Grab yourself a mat and any other yoga equipment required,  Find a spot – then just relax and make yourself at home.

During the Class:
Please respect the property, privacy, safety, security and sanctity of the other participants, the teacher and the yoga room at all times. 

Be kind to your body, mind & spirit and only engage in activities that you are physically and mentally able to undertake, Please cease any practice if it causes you discomfort and ask for assistance if you require it.

Please let us know if you have any feedback - We'd love to hear it, You can chat to us in the studio or send feedback online.